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Yeomen Short Attention Span Plot

Yeomen of the Guard – Short Attention Span Plot

 "Contradiction contradicted!" 

OK, so all the serious opera buffs think The Yeomen of the Guard is really cool because it is about a serious subject. What's the big deal?-- it's about an incompetent comedian who dies on stage. Even such greats as Henny Youngman did that a few times. (continue)

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Yeomen of the Guard or The Merry Man and His Maid

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Opening Friday July 15th, 2016 7:30 PM at The Bagley Wright Theater, Seattle Center
And playing:

July 15,16,22,23,29,30, at 7:30 PM
July 17,23, 24,30 at 2:00 PM

The 2016 Production of Yeomen of the Guard

Cast of the 2016 production of Yeomen of the Guard:

Sir Richard Cholmondeley - Wes Aman
Colonel Fairfax - Anthony James 
Sergeant Meryll - Glenn Nielsen
Leonard Meryll - Michael Connolly
Jack Point - Mark Rabe
Wilfred Shadbolt - William Darkow
First Yeoman - Eric Jeffords
Second Yeoman - Gene Ma
Elsie Maynard Morgan Duterte
Phoebe Meryll - Miranda Antoinette Troutt
Kate - Bianca Raso
Dame Carruthers - Catherine Montrose

Women's Chorus: Amy Carter, Elisa, Cortright, Taylor Davis, Rebekah Dawn, Lily Kister, Ivy Rice, Samantha Victor, Kaari, Wallerich, Wendy Woolery

Men's Chorus: David Dugdale, Jim Francis, Ron Gangnes, Rick Hodsdon, Brandon Huslander, Mike Huslander, Mike Martinez, Jim Miller, Chris Peterson, Ethan Rody, Mark Sandstrom, Gary Webberly, Joshua Zimmerman.

Director: Paul Budraitis, Music Director: Natalie Lerch; Conductor: Bernard Kwiram; Scenic Designer: Nathan Rodda; Lighting Designer: Jessica Trundy; Costume Designer: Janessa Styck

Stage Manager: Emma Pihl; Sound Engineer: Patrick Andre; Producer: Hal Ryder.

The Artistic Team to date.

Moving forward with the Artistic team for Yeomen: Paul Budraitis, Director; Natalie Lerch, Music Director; Bernard Kwiram, Conductor; Jessica Trundy, Light Design; Nathan Rodda, Scenic Design; Emma Phil, Stage Manager Hal Ryder, Producer.


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